aided manufacturing
dental design studio
Archicam is a Ukraine-based full-service dental lab and milling center for CAD dental prosthetics. We have decades of practical experience providing digital dental design services and our integrated in-house milling center produces titanium, CoCr bars, zirconium, and much more. Archiam serves dental technicians and clinicians around the world who will accept nothing less than the highest quality in design, production, and service.
We are a team of experienced technicians and clinicians on the cutting edge of the dental prosthetics field. Improve your bottom line and do more CAM projects with our cutting-edge CAD support, we'll do the design work for you. Our extensive services and globally competitive prices enable you to produce more at lower cost in less time.

Challenge us with your most complex production needs and get results you'll love in under 72 hours!

Dental design studio
for technicians
Designs we offer include:
  • All-on-X
  • Full anatomy crowns or cut-back restorations
  • Screw retained crowns and bridges on implants
  • Custom abutments
  • Full arches anatomy
  • Bars on implants/MU
  • Metal frames for ceramics
  • Splints
  • Surgical guides
dental design studio
With many years of clinical experience in digital protocols, our experts can create designs of any complexity. Our professional Exocad design team provides fast and reliable support every time.

We'll design any prosthetic, build customized treatment plans, provide surgical guides, and make immediate loading implantations based on information you provide. Big reconstruction cases are our specialty!
for clinicians
Services we offer include:
  • Full anatomy crowns/veneers,
  • Crowns and bridges on implants
  • models for mock-ups
  • Smile design/ visualization of future teeth for patients
  • Surgical guides
  • Individual tools for defining Centric Relation
  • individual trays for highest quality silicone impressions
  • Splints (myorelaxation, positioning)
  • Full arches anatomy
  • Gingival reduction guides
  • and much more!
Our team works off all of your records to get results, including:
- intraoral scans
- face photos/scans
- cbct image
- facebow orientation
- axiography

The more records you have, the better!

digital laboratory
We pay great attention to the articulation (function) and aesthetics of dentures.

Our digital protocols and life hacks help you to set up your workflow in the most wonderful way. We love complex reconstruction and aesthetic, transformative works.
Our industry is woven from the nuances that appear at each stage of this long clinical and technological process. We are here so that you can enjoy your work, and not bury yourself until nightfall by purchasing additional "magic equipment" or grinding for a long time what comes from milling centers. We are interested in solving complex problems and delivering consistently excellent quality.
We fine tune the fit of structures and individual elements, geometries, and customize the prosthetic templates of existing implant systems, if necessary.
In our training center, we explain rather complex processes in simple words, as well as develop skills which you can immediately apply in your practice.
If you are determined to tackle digital dentistry or are already working in an exocad, or you are interested in applied gnathology - welcome.
Nazar Lesyk
Chief Technician at archicam.
CAD designer and trainer, cam operator and dental construction engineer.
Feel free to ask him anything that interests you!

Course program:

1. The structure of the exocad program
2. Wax Up + preparation of the model for printing
3. Reduction of complete anatomy
4. Articulator + complete anatomy
5. Tools of communication with the doctor
6. Function of main scans
7. Editing scans
8. Matching scans

Practical course
Training time: 1 day from 9:30 to 18:30
quick start
Course program:
Practical course
Training time: 2 days from 9:30 to 18:30
on implants
1. Individual tray
4. Screw-retained (crowns / bridges)
6. Working with artificial gums
7. Fabrication of primary metal bar and secondary structure from PMMA or Zr
8. Bar with single crowns
9. Using the articulator for partial and total work
10. Works from the multi-unit level
5. Using CT data with a Dicom file to model subgingival structures
3. Simultaneous design of crowns on individual abutments for parallel fabrication from different materials
2. Customized abutments via scan markers / scan platform